Yesterdays Friday Night Jazz

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Yesterdays Friday Night Jazz

Bericht door Tomgh » 20-06-2009 19:21

Hey Guys,

the jazz evening was great, wasn't it? I went there with my bro Nick and some other friends.
We did a jam in which I played the harmonica. It was a lot of fun. An Alicia keys song.
Here's the vid:

Even better, later that night we ran into our friend Chris (Tatsumaru).
Great that you came too Chris.

Here is our picture together with Chris:

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Bericht door Cinder » 20-06-2009 19:25

Hey Chris great that you came.
We had a lot of fun together.
Look at the picture, its Chris!



it was really chris
Als ik later groot ben wil ik vliegen!

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Bericht door Tatsumaru » 20-06-2009 19:58

What the hell you guys? Haha.
I was so scared that my asshole was cut in half[/quote]

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